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About Us

Our story is pretty simple, we have been in business since 1986. Capetown-Rio has worked for the biggest names in the Tech, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Government, NGO’s, and Capital markets. Frequently, people ask about our name. Our company name is a salute to a famous sailboat race from Cape Town to Rio. The race goes from here to there. The race course is from Cape Town, South Africa to Rio. And to top it off, it’s not easy to get there. It’s not easy to grow your business either. bubble, Capetown-Rio, Global Services Strategies for Enterprises

About Capetown-Rio

But when you take into account the winds, tides and sailing conditions prevailing wisdom demands a different course. Just like in business, lots of economic, and variables outside or your control affect your business decisions. But, there are lots of things you can control. Therefore, the shortest route, the easiest choice is not the best choice. Sometimes the shortest route isn’t the best course. A straight line to the finish may not be best if you want to win. A longer distance, a route sailing to the north to Falmouth, England is the best course. It looks like you are sailing out of the way. Therefore, from this analogy, we learned that a little more effort and diligence wins the race.

All About Us

Just like in business, going a bit further makes the difference. Sometimes to reach your goal, the shortest distance isn’t the easiest or best course. Indeed, it isn’t always the quickest route or best strategy. Finally, planning and developing the right road-map wins the race. In today’s world, meeting your strategic needs in the current competitive business environment sometimes takes a broader view, experience, and expert knowledge.

  • We believe setting the original objectives, defining goals, developing the right strategy, tactics, execution then measuring results is necessary to achieve your goals.
  • We deliver outstanding strategy, technical solutions, flawless execution plus a splash of cunning in today’s markets.

The Cape Town to Rio race, like business, requires an eye on your current heading and the vision to set your sight on the future.

More About Us

At Capetown-Rio we help organizations discover new ways to integrate and execute strategies from incubation to full lines of business through the whole product lifecycle. Our goal is to chart the roadmap that enables your success in this ever competitive business environment.